„After five years in the lesbian community, I’m starting to regret coming out of the closet. Since I was a little girl, I’ve always fantasized about beautiful, feminine women. But I must say that I am very disappointed. Most feminine women I meet are either straight or bisexual and most lesbians I meet are masculine and unattractive. I’m telling myself, what’s the use of having left a man to be with a bunch of women who look, act and smell like men? Why don’t I have access to beautiful, feminine lesbians? Where can I meet them if they exist? I’m convinced that there would be much more lesbians if the community was filled with beautiful women and not mullet sporting, flannel wearing, chain smoking dykes.“

Das habe ich gerade über „googeln“ gefunden, sehr gut ausgedrückt – das ganze Dilemma von Frauen, die Frauen lieben und auch welche bekommen wollen, aber oft nur „Männerverschnitte“ in der Lesbenszene auffinden… Der link zu dieser amerikanischen Seite ist hier.